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The Promotion of Songs

Music videos were invented to serve a particular purpose – the promotion of songs. Because the entertainment appeal of music videos to the masses is very popular, music videos have been one of the primary ways to promote a song. For decades, this audio-visual tool has been used to illustrate what a song is all about so that people can familiarize themselves with it better. The more familiar a person is with a song, the more chances that the person will buy the album or single.

The Promotion of a Band or Singer

Aside from the promotion of a song, music videos give more character to the band or the artist. People can very much hear how good a song sounds and it could give them a basic impression of the persona of the singer or band based on the listener’s imagination. Music videos, however, showcase bands and artists better because of their visual nature. This helps in promoting the band or singer.

Illustrating a Song

When you listen to a song, the lyrics will give you an idea of the message of the song. Some are quite clear while some are a little bit ambiguous. The music, on the other hand, gives you an idea of the emotion of the song. The effect of a song with a sad lyrical message coupled with sad sounding music is different from one where the lyrics are sad but the music is more upbeat. These two elements of a song can already give listeners an imaginative picture of what the artist may be saying. Music videos add another element to the equation – pictures. Video clips can clearly paint the story for the audience. This allows the viewer to understand the song better. It’s similar to reading a book compared to watching its film adaptation.


Many times, music videos are meant for entertainment rather than painting a story. There are bands or producers who include clips and pictures that have no relation to the song. But giving people something to see and enjoy while listening to the music is said to be better than just listening to the song. There are music videos that only show the band playing either live or recorded. It doesn’t say much in terms of story but lets the audience see the faces behind the song.

Other Uses

In lieu of presentation slideshows, music videos can also be used to present an idea even in the business world. With the use of some animated graphics and a bit of text and some background music, presenters can better explain their projects to their bosses or prospects. Because of the audio-visual power of music videos, it helps entertain audiences and also explain a proposal. In advertising, some companies may decide to choose to use music videos to present their products and services instead of the usual TV ad concepts we normally see.


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